Previous Shows

SEP-29-2012 Way Up North, Studenterhuset, Aalborg

SEP-01-2012 Mosten Race Day

MAY-23-2012 Bisnapgaard, Hals

FEB-24-2012 1000fryd, Aalborg w. Leatherface, Terex Titans & Nice Age

JAN-21-2012 Skråen, Aalborg w. Aloop, Harm & 9000 John Doe [Poster]

NOV-30-2011 Skråen, Nordjyske Kulturpris 2011

OCT-27-2011 Rock Cafeen, Aalborg w. Möve [Poster]

OCT-08-2011 Cafe LePetit, Yaroslavl' w. TRUE ФRIXX UNION, В ОЖИДАНИИ ЧУДА, Первый Dень Лета & DELIRIUM DEALERS [Poster]

OCT-07-2011 Cafe Liverpool, Kursk, Russia [Poster]

OCT-06-2011 Blur Cafe, Moscow, Russia w. Stop The Car, Green Core and Bricks & Bottles [Poster]

JUL-27-2011 Kraftwerket, Valby w. Broken Aris, Thought Police Brutality & Megafonzie

JUL-26-2011 1000fryd, Aalborg w. Broken Aris - Four Band Split release show

MAY-19-2011 1000fryd, Aalborg w. Tragedy (US)

DEC-01-2010 1000fryd, Aalborg w. U.S. Bombs and The Grit [Poster]

NOV-20-2010 Kraftwerket, Copenhagen - Punk Rock Generation Vol. 3 release party [Poster]

AUG-20-2010 Suset Festival, between Asaa and Dronninglund

AUG-05-2010 Fredericia Hardcore Festival

JUL-31-2010 Thylejren, Frøstrup

JUL-31-2010 Distorted Picnic Festival, Århus

APR-30-2010 Way Up North, Studenterhuset, Aalborg

APR-24-2010 1000fryd, Aalborg w. Banner Pilot [Poster]

MAR-26-2010 Release Show, 1000fryd, Aalborg w. Stars Burn Stripes [Poster]

MAR-01-2010 Baghuset, Aalborg w. The Accelerators

AUG-28-09 Rock Cafeen, Aalborg

AUG-08-09 Punk Rock Soccer Cup, Den Haag, Holland w. Drunktank

AUG-07-09 B 58, Braunschweig, Germany w. Luoi Vetton & Skanutz [Poster]

AUG-06-09 VEB, Lübeck, Germany w. the Jesus Haircut

AUG-05-09 Lokal, Berlin, Germany w. We Will Fly [Poster]

JUN-21-09 M/S Stubnitz, Aalborg w. Insomnio, Knuste Ruter, Wreck/Age & In Crimson Colors [Poster]

JUN-13-09 1000fryd, Aalborg w. Killin It & Off With Their Heads

APR-09-09 Baghuset, Aalborg w. This is a Standoff [Poster]

FEB-20-09 Studenterhuset, Aalborg, The New Era Tour w. Last Mile, 20Belows & The Hitchcocks [Poster]

DEC-13-08 Katapult, Aarhus w. Emily, the Orgasm Addicts, Last Seen Laughing & In Crimson Colors [Poster]

NOV-19-08 1000fryd, Aalborg w. Smoke Or Fire & Fake Problems [Poster]

SEP-13-08 Metzgerstrasse Autonomes Kulturzentrum, Hanau, Germany w. In Crimson Colors & Visions Only [Poster]

SEP-12-08 Rauthausebunker, Kiel, Germany w. In Crimson Colors & Emily [Poster]

SEP-05-08 Amager Bio, Copenhagen [Poster]

AUG-30-08 Paramount DIY Festival 08, Roskilde [Poster, Poster 2]

AUG-04-08 Lades Kælder, Copenhagen w. The Unseen [Poster]

MAY-09-08 Dropkick Pub & Café, Rønneby, Sweden w. F3 & Milkie

MAY-08-08 Bodoni, Malmø, Sweden w. F3 & Milkie

MAY-07-08 The Rock, Copenhagen w. F3, Stars Burn Stripes, Thought Police Brutality & Splitside [Poster]

MAY-04-08 Roter Salon, Nürnberg, Germany w. F3, Nieneteen Reasons, Wetsoxx & Save Today [Poster]

MAY-03-08 AZ Bazille, Kassel, Germany w. F3, U-Lock Justice & Suspektiv [Poster]

MAY-02-08 Cassiopeia, Berlin, Germany w. Dimensions, Kotzreiz & Radio Harlekins

MAY-01-08 Schaubude, Kiel, Germany w. F3 [Poster]

APR-26-08 Baghuset, Aalborg, release party for our new EP w. In Crimson Colors, Still Around, Psykoflip, Sin City Riders & In Satans Paradise [Poster]

MAR-01-08 Katapult - Musikforeningen Kælepunk, Århus w. The Surfing Henchmen, Dream Police & NO! [Poster]

FEB-02-08 Sysseltinget, Hjørring w. Splitside, 6 Degrees Belows, René Søndergaard & Chapel Inn

FEB-01-08 Fedtebrød, Aalborg w. Splitside, Royal Ass Force, NO! & One Stop, Noise Shop [Poster]

JAN-31-08 Kraftwerket, Copenhagen w. Splitside, Royal Ass Force & Kill The Rooster [Poster]

NOV-04-07 Fedtebrød, Aalborg w. Johnie 3 & 20Belows

SEP-29-07 1000fryd, Aalborg w. Stars Burn Stripes, Drunktank, Resistance & Splinter [Poster]

SEP-28-07 Jolly Rogers, Odense w. Drunktank, Hitchcocks, The Headlines & Zatopeks

SEP-01-07 AlternStage Festival, Hamburg, Germany [Poster]

AUG-31-07 Multicult, Paderborn, Germany w. Royal Ass Force & Bluff [Poster]

MAY-09-07 1000fryd, Aalborg w. MDC & Under Al Kritik [Poster]

MAY-05-07 Studenterhuset, Aalborg, Way Up North Festival [Poster|Article]

APR-08-07 De Mac, Harderwijk, Holland w. Drunktank [Poster]

APR-07-07 Popcentrale, Dordrecht, Holland w. Drunktank & Ghosts of Babylon [Poster]

APR-07-07 HPC, Den Haag, Holland w. The Pocketrocks, Trashcan Heroes & Butler [Poster]

APR-06-07 ACU, Utrecht, Holland w. Drunktank

APR-05-07 Panique'do, Mechelen, Belgium w. The Octopussy's [Poster]

APR-04-07 Bakuda Club, Dortmund, Germany w. Sticks N Stones & My Broken Enemy

MAR-16-07 Huset, Aalborg - Støtteshow for Punk Rock Generation 2 w. The Guv'nors, Pranksters & Punchpuppet [Poster]

FEB-17-07 Kirche Von Unten, Berlin, Germany w. Going Commando [Poster]

FEB-16-07 Garage, Peine, Germany w. Platzverweis [Poster]

FEB-15-07 Das Riff. Hamburg, Germany w. Weakand [Poster]

FEB-03-07 Kraftwerket, Valby w. Splinter, Riot Company, F3, No Way To Use & Loui Vetton [Poster]

FEB-02-07 1000fryd, Aalborg w. Splinter, Riot Company, F3 & No Way To Use [Poster]

NOV-25-06 Harmonien, Svendborg w. Minor Flaw, Waiting for Leisure & StarsBurnStripes [Poster]

NOV-24-06 Baghuset, Aalborg w. StarsBurnStripes, The Prestos & Loui Vetton [Poster]

NOV-17-06 Langeloher Hof, Elmshorn, Germany w. The Cakes, Shit Happens, Filling Violets, Beachy Head & Melody Peaches [Flyer]

OCT-05-06 Rock Nielsen, Aalborg

SEP-09-06 Studenterhuset, KBH w. Waiting for Leisure, StarsBurnStripes & Pixlips [Poster]

AUG-31-06 Club Do Or Die, Musikcafeen, Århus w. Spenzer & Blisterhead

JUL-29-06 Fedtebrødet, Aalborg w. StarsBurnStripes

JUL-10-06 Kaiserkeller, Hamburg, Germany w. The Cakes

JUL-09-06 Morlock Gallery, Den Haag, Netherlands w. Real McKenzies, 69 Charger & Tiger String Ensemble [Poster|Poster2]

JUL-08-06 Confusion, Den Haag, Netherlands [Poster]

JUL-07-06 AZ, Aachen, Germany w. Tourettes [Flyer]

JUL-06-06 Mönchengladbach, Germany w. Tourettes (private party)

JUL-05-06 JZ Das Zentrum, Dortmund, Germany w. Plateau & Broken Hinge [Poster]

JUL-04-06 Club Za Vraty, Most, Czech Republic w. Compromis

JUL-03-06 Fubar, Letterkenny, Republic of Ireland w. The Lobotomies & Die Fedz

JUL-02-06 Dungloe Bar, Londonderry, Northern Ireland w. The Lobotomies & Shortlist

JUL-01-06 The Front Page Bar, Belfast, Northern Ireland w. The Lobotomies, Splinter, 1000 Drunken Nights & Runnin' Riot [Poster]

JUN-30-06 Rockers, Glasgow, Scotland w. Splinter, Bakers Dozen & Sniffin' Glue [Poster]

JUN-29-06 Dexter's, Dundee, Scotland w. Splinter, Wasted Nation & Tartan Riot [Poster|Poster2]

JUN-28-06 The Fighting Cocks, Kingston, England w. Heroic Doses, The Exposed & The Sharons [Poster]

JUN-27-06 Rhythm Factory, London, England w. Talk Taxis, Les Figurines, Hiroshamour, Ruby Blue & Our Fold [Poster]

JUN-26-06 The Purple Turtle, Camden Town, London, England w. The Meenies, Heroic Doses & The Pins [Poster]

JUN-21-06 Jesper's graduation (private party)

MAY-20-06 Haus Spilles, Düsseldorf, Germany w. Painwords & No Way To Use [Flyer]

MAY-19-06 TOT, Monheim-Baumberg, Germany w. Bad Delivery & One Drop Does It [Poster]

MAY-01-06 1000fryd, Aalborg, Anarkistisk 1. Maj w. Sonic Subway [Poster]

APR-01-06 Sysseltinget, Hjørring w. Splinter, Sonic Subway, The Cakes, Heading South & Milk the Fish [Poster]

MAR-31-06 1000fryd, Aalborg - Punk O Rama 4 w. Splinter, StarsBurnStripes, The Cakes & Heading South [Poster]

MAR-17-06 KAZ, Elmshorn, Germany w. The Cakes & Die Traktor [Poster|Article|Pictures|Video]

FEB-25-06 Fedtebrødet, Aalborg w. The Cakes & Sonic Subway

FEB-02-06 Rock Nielsen, Aalborg - Rock On Rock [Pictures]

DEC-23-05 Ungdomshuset, KBH w. Teenage Lobotomy, The Prestos & Heading South [Poster|Poster2|Article|Flyer|Pictures]

NOV-12-05 OHK, Oostende, Belgium w. Streetlight Manifesto, Milk The Fish & more.. [Poster|Poster2|Pictures]

NOV-05-05 Amatør Rock, Hjallerup Kulturhus

SEP-15-05 Rock Nielsen, Aalborg. [Pictures]

AUG-28-05 The Hoot, Downpatrick, N. Ireland w. Mellow Dramatic [Poster]

AUG-27-05 The Retro Bar, Portrush, N. Ireland w. Mellow Dramatic & The Hypocrites [Poster]

AUG-26-05 Carrick A Rede Bar, Ballintoy, N. Ireland w. Mellow Dramatic

AUG-25-05 The Oak, Portadown, N. Ireland w. Non Such, Willow Drive, Vitaria & Murder By Guitar [Flyer]

AUG-23-05 Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, Ireland w. Mellow Dramatic, 20 Bulls Each & Heroic Doses [Poster|Web-poster]

AUG-21-05 The Front Page, Belfast, N. Ireland w. Heroic Doses & Complan [Poster]

AUG-20-05 The Front Page, Belfast, N. Ireland w. Splinter, Half Cut & Runnin' Riot [Poster]

AUG-12-05 Huset, Aalborg w. Tæve, Mellow Dramatic & The Prestos [Poster|Pictures]

AUG-10-05 Rock Nielsen, Aalborg w. Mellow Dramatic & Second Hand Serial [Poster]

AUG-08-05 Trøjborg Beboerhus, Århus w. Tæve, Mellow Dramatic & The Observers [Poster]

AUG-02-05 Blenstrup Band Battle, Blenstrup.

JUN-08-05 Rock Nielsen, Aalborg.

17-03-05 Musehuse.

12-03-05 Sysseltinget, Hjørring w. Heading South, & Harzzcore. [Poster]

05-03-05 Fedtebrødet, Aalborg w. Harzzcore. [Poster]

03-03-05 Huset, Aalborg w. Gob Squad. [Poster]

10-02-05 Stationen, Nørresundby.

01-02-05 Skråen, Aalborg.

10-12-04 Imperiet, Herning w. Voice Of A Generation.

03-12-04 Punk O Rama III - 1000fryd, Aalborg w. The 20belows og Heading South. [Poster]

18-11-04 Musehuse, Aalborg.

23-09-2004 Huset, Aalborg w. Gob Squad, Heading South og The Marvins. [Poster|Flyer]

16-09-2004 Musehuse, Aalborg.

27-07-2004 Blenstrup Band Battle.

01-04-2004 Huset, Aalborg, "Survival of the punkest" w. Hærværk, 10 Feet Tall, Spent Alone og Heading South. [Poster]

04-02-2004 Aalborg Katedralskole.

16-01-2004 Aalbrghallen.